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Aqua Investments is a full service company that helps high-net-worth investor add the strength of UK and other international real estate to their portfolio. Our reputation is forged on a high standard of ethics, values and client care.

  • Consult with one of our experts

    Consult with one of our experts

  • Choose the right investment and pay reservation fee

    Choose the right investment and pay reservation fee

  • Sign contract and appoint lawyer

    Sign contract and appoint lawyer

  • Receive regular updates from your dedicated advisor

    Receive regular updates from your dedicated advisor

  • Finalize your payment and receive your keys

    Finalize your payment and receive your keys

Investment Opportunities

Top reasons to invest in The UK

Investing in The UK

United Kingdom is considered the most desired location in the world to buy property, it offers a transparent government and political stability allowing our foreign clients to make a safe and stable investment. It offers a world class education, shopping restaurants and above all is the worldwide HQ for business and London still remains the financial capital of UK.

The UK has historically always been an area that people have invested in from around the world. Foreign Investors are increasing their grip on the capitals prime property where residential prices have always risen even being recession proof throughout the previous crisis. Investment is now moving from central London through to areas of Greater London and other major cities such as Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds as Investors can receive excellent capital growth with a high rental return which becomes a self sufficient investment. Investment in the UK has increased year on year due to supply and demand.

Over the next 20 years UK households are expected to increase by up to 40% placing on an even greater demand on available housing. The UK government estimates that 240,000 new properties need to be built in England every year just to keep pace with demand and as building of new homes as at an all time low since 1920’s investing in UK property couldn’t be made at a better time

Why Aqua Investments

AQUA has a proven track record in the primary and secondary real estate markets with a growing global footprint, guiding the clientele throughout the process of real estate investing and ownership, from origination to handover. Our specialists are focused on selecting the up and coming property hotspots with solid value propositions Our partners are vetted based on track record, reliability and quality of properties delivered Our focus is to maximise value generation for our clientele by:

Pre-Investment – AQUA assists the investor in identifying the most suitable property for the investor based on their requirements and according to the associated criteria involved. Financing & Conveyancing – AQUA has partnered with well reputed UK based solicitors to handle the conveyancing process for the investor, and has arrangements with leading local and UK based mortgage providers for investors seeking financing Post-Investment – AQUA extends property management services for investors with buy-to-let properties via it’s property management partners in the United Kingdom.


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