About Us

About Us

Aqua Investments is a full service company that helps high-net-worth investor add the strength of UK and other international real estate to their portfolio.
Our reputation is forged on a high standard of ethics, values and client care. Through this we have earned the loyalty and trust of investors who have become our-long term partners. Our success is always measured by the satisfaction and on-going referrals from our clients.

Our team of experienced international real estate professionals will help to guide you through from initial advice, all the way through the purchase process and any offer-sales advice that is required.
Our main goal is for an investors to capitalize on their property investment just as easily as they would through any other asset class.
We pride ourselves as the long-term relationship has been built with developers so that we can offer these exclusive projects to our overseas investors. All projects are put through a rigorous screening process of due diligence before being presented to our investors.

We provide support throughout every stage of the investment process including ongoing management, rent and the re-sale of the property if needed. At every step of the way, we deliver total expertise and a proper partnership approach through our track record with investors, developers and distributors speaks for itself.

Aqua Investments provides solutions that pave the way towards generating value via solid investments, availing residency and citizenship of the World’s leading countries & eventually achieving the optimal setting for your future generations to thrive in.
The UK’s National Healthcare Service is amongst the world’s leading public healthcare systems, and as a legal resident in the UK you will have immediate access to free healthcare.
Whether you are seeking permanent residency or a second citizenship, it all starts with Aqua through our exceptional range of innovative, bespoke investor programs and services.
Learn how becoming a Global Citizen can help you create the opportunities you need and give you the quality of life and the right future for you and your family.


We pledge to serve you with utmost diligence and sincerity before, during and after your application process.


As per our company policy every client is duly assisted at all time. We will get you onboard only if we believe that we can your application will ideally have a successful outcome. Our enormous experience in the field helps us gauge whether the application will be a successful one.


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